Wednesday, 31 October 2012


from taking peds to bigger crimes
the ones that had me holding knives

these types of crimes i would commit
the drugs i took were fueling it

sneak up slow from behind
an press the knife against there spine

swear and shout i'd get so mad
rob them blind for all they had

leave them there full of fear
down the street i'd dissapear

did this nightly for a while
theses drugs i took they turned me vile

i hated me i hated life
took a stand an turned the knife

to point it in my own direction
an stop these crimes an help protect them

so this last stage is where i stood
a knife so sharp it could cut wood

i pressed it hard against my wrist
one little slice would finish this

then all that greyness in my life
could drift away into the night

but something told me get a grip
i dropped the knife an had to sit

this type of life was killing me
i needed help to set me free

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