Wednesday, 28 November 2012


silence creates a field
closed in by thickened walls
no chance of climbing over
every try ending in falls
shut off inside a circle
hidden out of view
your inner voice will scream and shout
but there not hearing you
this walls been built to take the force
of there judgmental ways
to block them out and null the sound
by keeping me encaged
i feel a sudden erge to push
and break this wall to bits
and show them that im not afraid
of words or raging fists
this strength is now a part of me
that wall has hit the ground
never to be built again
for inner strength is what ive found


home is where i lay
my head my heart my hopes
in times where life was tough
misguided by toughened ropes
home is where i need to be
in times when i would cry
submerged in sheltered rooms
left to lead a lonely lie
i peer a sadened stare
at the heavens where she roams
im filled with grief and sorrow
in this place i feel alone
a certain set of rules
depict the way i live
a simple sign of madness
hoping she forgives
emotionally drained
inner memories ripped apart
that sound of death induced
in my brain and in my heart
every second of my day
the truth eats at my soul
will surface every now and then
as sadness takes its toll

Thursday, 22 November 2012


your body is my temple
run my fingers down your spine
slowly unzip ur dress
as you tell me that your mine
a body carved by angels
a smell of lustful fruits
slide ur dress down past your thighs
an over your black boots
perfect curves all hid within
your lingerie of lace
eyes glazed over by the thought
of the love we will embrace
your skin of pure perfection
i'll caress so slow with care
enjoying every moment
of this time we get to share
we'll make love all through the night
every second filled with passion
and afterward i'll hold you tight
least i wish that this would happen
instead i sit here on my own
lonely by myself
thinking back to years ago
before you lost your health
i wish for one more night
just one more night to share with you
i hope you wait for me in heaven
i'll be there someday too



i see you stare
as you cross the street
or grip your bag tight
and hurry your feet
i know exactly
whats on your mind
is he a criminal
best keep a look out behind
i wonder why
this judgement takes place
do i have mugger or thug
wrote on my face
or are you just staring
at my shaven head
or is it my tattoos
thats filling you with dred
why not take a moment
to ask me my name
instead of just thinking
i'll be inflicting you pain
i may look quite scary
but deep down inside
im as soft as a puppy
try my best to be kind
so no need judge
without knowing me first
how would you feel
cause it makes me feel hurt
so next time you see me
walking the street
dont be shy just say hello
you'll find im a pleasure to meet

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


a world thats over run
by the walking living dead
waiting in the shadows
waiting to be fed
innocent passers by
wont hear them as the come
they'll dive at you
attack so fast
no chance for you to run
they'll tear apart your flesh
knawing at your bones
no one will ever hear your screams
above there moans and groans
they'll rip you limb from limb
as there fighting for your blood
apocolyptic zombie world
wouldnt beat them if you could
the armys given in
theres no point fighting back
the living dead are here to stay
and ready to attack
once your bit infection spreads
so fast straight to your brain
vital organs die so quick
you dont even feel the pain
now your body transforms
into a form beyond the grave
your minds been overtook
by the thoughts of flesh you crave
so now you are the hunter
searching for your prey
the walking living dead
are here for good to stay

Monday, 19 November 2012


that simple slice
that simple cut
a jagged edge
would be good enough
the skins so thin
could easily tear
a huge adrenaline
so be prepared
the veins on show
wont miss the spot
a quick cigarette
an double vodka shot
now grip it tight
and dont let go
slice it fast
will hurt more if your slow
visions blurry
adrenaline sets in
blood pumps quick
to the wounded skin
tingling feeling
deep inside
got it wrong
last time i tried
now take a seat
and just relax
cause im loosing blood
pretty fast
eyes are closing
semi concious
would they of helped me
that thoughts proposterous
veins drip dry
my minds at rest
that'll teach those kids
that called me depressed
haha now im gone
you cant hurt me no more
that'll teach that girl
that called me a whore
oh but whats this
my mom she looks sad
shes drinking with tablets
she pushes away dad
and now wheres dad gone
hes walked out the house
i thought if i done this
i'll be only hurting myself
now moms on the floor
and my brothers alone
crying on the couch
in our home on his own
he picks up the bottle
of left over pills
downs them with vodka
tips the bottle it spills
now hes on floor
clutching his mom
as he takes his last breath
now my brother is gone
what have i done
didnt think this thing through
i should have just spoke
but made you all suffer to


ive soildered on through thick and thin
my life was once a mess
stupid things ive seen and done
just to try an impress
we only see the outer shell
the one that smiles and laughs
the inner side is hidden away
deep within the dark
ive dealt in drugs and drank alot
put myself on satans door
but not for love for so called friends
to accept me a little more
casued enough grief to make my mom
start turning in her grave
by mindless acts and ignornace
an how ive misbehaved
the games ive played the hurt ive caused
the missery ive bought to others
by hanging round with so called friends
my so called band of brothers
situations ive been apart
and looked the other way
i could of used my voice to help
but my friends i couldnt betray
but friends are not who you think they are
they can easily turn there backs
and leave you in a mental state
with laughter in there tracks
so have a friend or have a few
but careful where you tread
cause so called friends are hard to trust
even harder if your dead

Friday, 16 November 2012


that winding road that takes me there
is always hard to find
even though i know this place
my knowledge of it is denied
i try so hard to take that trip
but my memories always cloudy
i could write it down or draw a sketch
but my pain would make me doubt me
this place has become a part of me
that tugs at my heart and soul
it trys to pull me in through love
but still i fight its hold
i need to release this hurt within
by following its lead
but everytime i try to visit
my hearts torn open to bleed
it makes me sad it makes me cry
it makes me feel im wrong
but even thinking of the journey
makes the pain more intense an strong
so im left to suffer this inner hurt
by not doing what is right
its not my moms or the cemeterys fault
its just this pains so hard to fight

Thursday, 15 November 2012


the time is upon us
where we can help make a change
by donating some money
we can makes someones day
all but a pound is all it will take
if everyone donates
think of how much they'll make
and how can you say no
to a yellow cuddly bear
who wears a big eye patch
and walks around bare :)
so dont second think it
just do what is right
and donate a pound
or a couple if you like
then least when you sit back
and relax in your chair
you'll know you've done your bit
and showed that you care
we can help give these children
a better future indeed
by donating just a pound
to children in need


he wakes up every sunday
with a look of joy upon his face
even though its not the same
its still his favourite place
a fresh clean shave
his hair combed back
smart suit an polished shoes
theres just no holding back
weathers good outside
so he'd rather walk than take the bus
grabs some flowers on the way
cause he likes to make a fuss
15 minutes later he's standing at the door
a smile so big across his face
you would'nt think hes 84
once he's in he marches fast
to the dinner hall where she sits
he smiles at her she stares at him
which rips his heart to bits
but still he hides his pain
for the good of his true love
he sits with her an holds her hand
cause hes never given up
he talks to her he trys his best
but she has no idea who he is
alzheimers took his wife away
and all her memories
but still he comes here every week
to have dinner with his wife
even though she doesnt know him
she's still the love of his life

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


a cat ran past
chased by a bat
the cat looked kind of scared
the bat was on his tail
as if he never cared
the cat was running fast
and tried to scale a wall
and the events that followed
can only be described as cool
that cat got stuck
the bat swooped down
and gripped hold of his back leg
and helped him up onto that wall
and said tag your it again


a special word
we all love to hate
some have good ones
some not so great
some up early
some out at night
some say they enjoy it
just to be polite
some are short
some are long
some require no preference
some you need to be strong
some leave you comfy
some leave you to struggle
some require paitence
some leave your brain in a muddle
but all these things
share one thing in common
that four letter word
that makes you feel rotton
so what is this thing
i speak so highly about
from the top of your lungs
let me hear you all shout


stop and start stop and start
its getting on my nerves
this stressfull situatuion
that no one ever deserves
sitting at a stand still
going no where fast
yet on the other side
the lights are zooming past
tonnes and tonnes of steel
all sitting in a row
forwards back left and right
theres no where i can go
i wonder what is up ahead
thats causing all this fuss
i wish i never took the car
i should have caught the bus
40 minutes standing still
getting to work on time is slim
stop and start stop and start
what the heck is happening
ive finally moved enough
to see whats causing these effects
an accident up ahead
and loads of rubber necks
by rubber necks i mean
the ones that stop and stare
as they pass the scene
now im on the move again
no need for pro plus meds
cause all that chaos
was simply caused
by people turning heads
so keep these words in mind
when your passing by a scene
keep that rubber neck inline
cause starings just plain mean

Monday, 12 November 2012


she hears it once
and thats enough
that trembling sound
she hates so much
she rather be
indoors than out
to ease her mind
she potters about
then once again
a crackle an roar
sores through the house
yet she trys to ignore
she puts up a front
to show shes not scared
but behind all that courage
her minds not prepared
she sits and she waits
till it comes back again
with the curtains all drawn
closed of like a den
but then she hears birds
as they whistle and tweet
that thunder has gone
till the next time they meet


when the time comes
and my heart falls weak
and my brain decides
its time for me to sleep
i hope you will smile
as teardrops fill your eyes
and dont dwell on the presant
just remember the good times
your memories the key
when my soul sets from earth
i know it will be hard
i know it will hurt
but our love was so strong
that even when were apart
it will be like im with you
still clutching your heart
and then when you sleep
ill be by your side
helping you through
lifes rollercoaster ride
and i will understand
if you find a new man
aslong as you promise
to be as happy as you can
cause you are my wife
and i solemnly swear
in life and in death
for you ill be there

Sunday, 11 November 2012


the time has come that day again
to remember all those women an men

the 11th hour on the 11th day
we all unite and respects we pay

to all the soilders whom fought an died
and all there families whom sat an cried

the queen will lay down the first wreath
at the foot of the cenotaph
the air filled with sorrow and grief

Armistice day as it once was known
to mark the end of that horiffic warzone

now simply called remembrance day
a day where we pay our respects
to the heros that fought an passed away

a two minute silence sores over the sky
an poppies are worn as we all say goodbye

so until the next time
when we wear poppies again
we respect you we love you
those special women and men

Thursday, 8 November 2012


you said you love her
she said you didnt
you said you want her
she denied that permission
you said you needed her
she told you to stop
you said you cared
she said you did not
you said you meant the vows
she said its lies
you said till death do us part
she had tears in her eyes
you said your sorry
she said its ok
you said forgive me
i messed up again
you reached out your arms
she leant on your chest
you cuddled her tight
she gripped on your vest
you looked in her eyes
she looked back in yours
you promised to love her
forever and more


dressed smart an snappy
dressed to impress
dressed to nines
dressed for respect
dressed in a suit
dressed in a dress
dressed for the dark
reflect dont neglect
dressed in a gown
dressed in a frock
dressed in skirt
dressed in a smock top
dressed for a wedding
full of smiles
dressed for a funeral
still in denile
dressed for a ball
or for beach
we must wear clothes
our parents preach
we all get dressed
or atleast sum
except the nudists
that bare there bum
but when were born
an our skin is pure
we wear just a towl
and nothing more
so wonder why
we all wear clothes
i bet if were honest
only god knows

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


the root of his plan
started from a seed
took shelter in the fruit
that hung from a tree
was told not to eat
deception took its toll
in the garden of eden
where satan beared his soul
eve took the bait
gave into his lies
persuaded by a serpent
with darkness in his eyes
adam felt betrayed
for he also ate the fruit
from the tree of good an evil
for knowledge was his route
jahovah cursed the serpent
above all cattle and every beast
to his belly he will live
until his lifes deceased

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


a mind so direct and powerful
full percentage of brainwaves used
analogys and formulas
each letter and number consumed
full potential is unlocked
cerebrum overgrown
maths equations and riddles
each one ive overthrown
my mind is like a sponge
absorbant all the time
till the day it rots away
absorbancy declined
an dont forget the other parts
cerebellum and the stem
an then the little pituitary
hormone gland is what i meant
we all have a chance
to open up our mind
and soak up all the knowledge
the world has left behind


a thoughtless grudge
panned over years
excempt till the day
it re-appears
that day will come
when fury strikes
the flame inside
it will ignite
burning lumps of pain an flesh
a pondered over
warm effect
we will ignore the hurt
you caused
an egotistical mind
thats flawed
you've messed up once
and will again
i hate you now
i hated you then
i guarantee your life is done
cold blooded killer devils son
so alas freedom truly awaits
i hate you your cursed
my mind paused and erased

Saturday, 3 November 2012


a storm has come a storm has passed
many states have felt the blast

citys buildings homes and lives
ripped apart by raging tides

power cuts an pouring rain
a storm called sandy is to blame

winds so strong they rip up trees
people begging help me please

lives are lost homes destroyed
special forces are deployed

hospitals are left distressed
when backup systems fail the test

left in darkness as night falls
apocolyptic scene of crumbled walls

so with these words im sending prayer
to anyone whos had to bare

witness to this horrid beast
that runis lives of those it meets

Friday, 2 November 2012


witches witches pagan delight
conducting rituals out of site

spells an charms an symbolism
chanting words for youth an wisdom

5 point stars an blood of goats
standing round in blackened cloaks

ingrediants put in the broth
left to bubble pop an froth

halloween there secred night
when the spirits take to flight

called upon from the grave
to darken souls and misbehave

then the night turns into days
all these witches hide away

out they spring someone new
to walk amongst me and you


what lays in wait beneath the crust
pergertey where sinners lust

a scary place of bottemless holes
filled with screams and tortured souls

for those ones that didnt repent
eternal darkness is where there sent

a place of horrors all combined
love and feelings left behind

a place so bitter full of hate
the devils paradise awaits


of to bed the land of sleep
nodding off with dancing sheep

to a place where i dream
a pleasant place a pleasant scene

in my bed so soft an warm
start my ritual with a yawn

ruffle pillows into shape
still i lie here wide awake

thinking how im all alone
your at work at not at home

by myself in this bed
wish that you was here instead

Thursday, 1 November 2012


a tree a tree is sometimes green
some so huge they can be seen
from a thousand miles away
past the clouds is what they say

a tree a tree is sometimes brown
when the winter comes to town
as the leaves drop to the floor
just for them to grow back more

a tree a tree is sometimes dead
when there chopped down just to shred
into paper for our use
known to nature as abuse

the trees the trees
there are no trees
or oxygen for us to breathe
wonder if we'll be ok
when the trees have gone away


i remember what you'd wear
an how you backcombed your dark hair
an how you smiled all the time
an how you sang an read us rhymes
an how you taught us all to write
an how you told us be polite
an how you always called me bob
an taught me not to be a slob
an i remember how we'd play
an when you took us all away
an how you looked if you were sad
an how i sometimes made you mad
an i remember how you cried
an hugged me tight when my mom died
an i remember that sad day
when my grandad passed away