Tuesday, 30 October 2012


in your sleep he sits an waits
waiting for your dream like state

eye lids twitch he knows the sign
he must attack and nows the time

in the shadows he will creep
waiting for the time to leap

an as he leaps he grips your chest
gripping hard you loose ur breath

you try to panic try to scream
your trapped inside a world between

reality an one of dreams
a horrid place with horrid scenes

of horrid ghouls and horrid ghosts
an demons squashing all ur hopes

you try to cry you try to shout
your only letting silence out

then in a flash a light comes on
an all the fear you had is gone

an all the tears you tried to cry
no longer there ur eyes are dry

an best of all ur thinking straight
that nightmares gone now your awake

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