Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Tragic Day In Boston

smoke and haze
pass by there eyes
the number of casualties
slowly rise
wounded people
on the ground
screams and tears
all around
body's limp
from the blasts
haunted thoughts
from the past
children clinging
to there lives
the sounds
of muffled
lifeless cries
the finish line
was up ahead
where celebrations
turned to dread
a day of joy
was torn to bits
by thoughtless
heartless terrorists
an act so cruel
so full of hate
that's left this city
in a state
and filled its people
full of fear
not knowing
if there end is near
i'll shed my tears
and send a prayer
to everyone
who's had to bare
witness to
this awful day
in hopes that god
will come your way

1 comment:

  1. I put your poem in the public stream to see what people think or if they react to it so we will see. I'm curious and I bet you are too. This poem is the best on this subject I have read!