Saturday, 27 July 2013

Be Wise With Time

The time has come
the time is now
the journey starts
inside yourself
beware the route
you choose to take
the route you take
will choose your fate
your life can change
within a flash
so never let 
your chances pass
grasp hold of time
and use it wise 
for it can pass
right by your eyes
mistakes and blunders
on the way
will have a major part
to play
but take them on
and dont give in
and you shall blossom
from within

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Tragic Day In Boston

smoke and haze
pass by there eyes
the number of casualties
slowly rise
wounded people
on the ground
screams and tears
all around
body's limp
from the blasts
haunted thoughts
from the past
children clinging
to there lives
the sounds
of muffled
lifeless cries
the finish line
was up ahead
where celebrations
turned to dread
a day of joy
was torn to bits
by thoughtless
heartless terrorists
an act so cruel
so full of hate
that's left this city
in a state
and filled its people
full of fear
not knowing
if there end is near
i'll shed my tears
and send a prayer
to everyone
who's had to bare
witness to
this awful day
in hopes that god
will come your way

Sunday, 24 March 2013

True Skin

I walk the streets
head held high
my boots will gleme
at passers by
my jeans are pressed
and worn with pride
braces in view
with every stride
a polo shirt
all buttoned up
a crombie coat
to fill the look
a shaven head
im looking sharp
shame that people
judge at the start
a racist thug
or misguided youth
if only people
new the truth
of what a skinhead
truly means
instead they look
to movie scenes
and place us all
in the midst
of nazi flags
and racial digs
and propoganda
fueled by hate
and far right groups
with different traits
so spend some time
an read a book
before you decide
to give that look
and think of how
it feels to me
linked to others
and when you've finally
found the truth
of real skins
you'll see the proof
that we dont live
for blood and hate
its ignorance
thats caused this debate

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


the pitter patter of tiny feet
as they scurry about
hiding under tables and behind seats
theres a monster in the mist
whos there to cause harm
lurking the corridors
with a weapon in his arms
these innocent children
no older than 10
are crying and scared
as teachers protect them
this monster has no compassion
as his mind crumbles and rots
20 children and 6 teachers
innocent lives that were lost
a once quiet place
has came crashing to earth
by a crime so horrendous
that no human deserves
sandy hook elementary
a place once filled with joy
of small happy children
there whole lives to enjoy
is now filled with sadness
and rooms full of tears
left by a monster
who out of know where appeared
so lets all share a moment
and pay our respects
to the lives that where taken
during these sad events

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


silence creates a field
closed in by thickened walls
no chance of climbing over
every try ending in falls
shut off inside a circle
hidden out of view
your inner voice will scream and shout
but there not hearing you
this walls been built to take the force
of there judgmental ways
to block them out and null the sound
by keeping me encaged
i feel a sudden erge to push
and break this wall to bits
and show them that im not afraid
of words or raging fists
this strength is now a part of me
that wall has hit the ground
never to be built again
for inner strength is what ive found


home is where i lay
my head my heart my hopes
in times where life was tough
misguided by toughened ropes
home is where i need to be
in times when i would cry
submerged in sheltered rooms
left to lead a lonely lie
i peer a sadened stare
at the heavens where she roams
im filled with grief and sorrow
in this place i feel alone
a certain set of rules
depict the way i live
a simple sign of madness
hoping she forgives
emotionally drained
inner memories ripped apart
that sound of death induced
in my brain and in my heart
every second of my day
the truth eats at my soul
will surface every now and then
as sadness takes its toll

Thursday, 22 November 2012


your body is my temple
run my fingers down your spine
slowly unzip ur dress
as you tell me that your mine
a body carved by angels
a smell of lustful fruits
slide ur dress down past your thighs
an over your black boots
perfect curves all hid within
your lingerie of lace
eyes glazed over by the thought
of the love we will embrace
your skin of pure perfection
i'll caress so slow with care
enjoying every moment
of this time we get to share
we'll make love all through the night
every second filled with passion
and afterward i'll hold you tight
least i wish that this would happen
instead i sit here on my own
lonely by myself
thinking back to years ago
before you lost your health
i wish for one more night
just one more night to share with you
i hope you wait for me in heaven
i'll be there someday too