Wednesday, 31 October 2012


2 days ago on G+ i was asked if i ever done poem requests, i have never been asked this before but said i would give it a go but couldnt promise how it would turn out, the lady then sent me a very heartwarming story of her life and how she has been abused by her husband for years and that it is still happening, i felt so bad knowing i could not help with the actual situation, she told me to publish it to all so i have wrote this for her from all the info i received, i just hope my poem can bring some courage an comfort and that she will make the right choices


a once true love
spawned into hate
a silent girl
with no escape

left to cry
behind closed doors
if asked why
she just ignores

deep inside
shes saying help
cause fear controls her
voice to shout

for her kids
she must be strong
even though
she knows its wrong

many nights
shes sits an waits
for his return
from drunken mates

all his anger
gets released
on this poor girl
who needs relief

for this man
she feels so strong
next time hes back
he wont do wrong

tells her that
hes made mistakes
an one more chance
is all it takes

to leave the drink
an love her more
an treat her like
he did before

she trys so hard
but she knows
this loving faze
will end in blows

and this poor girl
will take it all
abuse well hidden
beyond a wall

so for this girl
i need to pray
in hope that god
can guide her way

an keep her safe
within the wings
of the angels
that he brings

an let her lead
a pleasant life
one filled with love
an not with strife

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