Thursday, 22 November 2012


your body is my temple
run my fingers down your spine
slowly unzip ur dress
as you tell me that your mine
a body carved by angels
a smell of lustful fruits
slide ur dress down past your thighs
an over your black boots
perfect curves all hid within
your lingerie of lace
eyes glazed over by the thought
of the love we will embrace
your skin of pure perfection
i'll caress so slow with care
enjoying every moment
of this time we get to share
we'll make love all through the night
every second filled with passion
and afterward i'll hold you tight
least i wish that this would happen
instead i sit here on my own
lonely by myself
thinking back to years ago
before you lost your health
i wish for one more night
just one more night to share with you
i hope you wait for me in heaven
i'll be there someday too