Monday, 19 November 2012


that simple slice
that simple cut
a jagged edge
would be good enough
the skins so thin
could easily tear
a huge adrenaline
so be prepared
the veins on show
wont miss the spot
a quick cigarette
an double vodka shot
now grip it tight
and dont let go
slice it fast
will hurt more if your slow
visions blurry
adrenaline sets in
blood pumps quick
to the wounded skin
tingling feeling
deep inside
got it wrong
last time i tried
now take a seat
and just relax
cause im loosing blood
pretty fast
eyes are closing
semi concious
would they of helped me
that thoughts proposterous
veins drip dry
my minds at rest
that'll teach those kids
that called me depressed
haha now im gone
you cant hurt me no more
that'll teach that girl
that called me a whore
oh but whats this
my mom she looks sad
shes drinking with tablets
she pushes away dad
and now wheres dad gone
hes walked out the house
i thought if i done this
i'll be only hurting myself
now moms on the floor
and my brothers alone
crying on the couch
in our home on his own
he picks up the bottle
of left over pills
downs them with vodka
tips the bottle it spills
now hes on floor
clutching his mom
as he takes his last breath
now my brother is gone
what have i done
didnt think this thing through
i should have just spoke
but made you all suffer to

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