Tuesday, 30 October 2012


11:03 i hear a scream
leap out of bed to a terrible scene
your body laying on the cold bathroom floor
eyes so still not breathing no more
you was only young only 34
you died so sudden no time for a cure
my heart left my chest
and entered my throat
anxiety set in i started to choke
i started to cry
i started to scream
i hear sirens there loud
helps at the scene
the door opens quick
medics rush up the stairs
they push me aside to give you some air
but nothing is working they look at a clock
11:08 moms heart had to stop
so these are the visions that haunt me at night
seeing your face so pale so white
seeing you lay there no motion no sound
a lifeless shell just there on the ground
but mom i miss you
i want to know
your there in my heart
wherever i go
but now im much better
a family i love
6 kids of my own
a wife i can hug
a beautiful house
a wonderful home
you'd be the proudest mom
that anyones known

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