Wednesday, 31 October 2012


witnessed alot when i was younger
mainly because of dads criminal hunger

there are i few i can remember
specially one crime late november

year was about 95 a criminal family
with criminal lives

drawing close on christmas soon
no money spare to dec the room

christmas eve closing in
no money for pressies in the tin

somet drastic must be done
as you've guessed
its crime that won

the crime was big dad had to plan
told my uncle to bring a van

they sat around till it got late
then out they went no time to wait

later on i heard a bang
jumped out of bed
dowstairs i sprang

lounge was stacked with loads of stuff
all from argos all for us

mountain bikes and toys and games
jewlery, watches cars and trains

so much stuff and all for free
pressies for under the christmas tree

at the time it made me smile
a happy child for a while

but as ive grown i have learnt
you play with crime you will get burnt

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