Wednesday, 31 October 2012


when you was 11
what did you do
played with your friends
took trips to the zoo

when i was 11
guess what i did
broke in the army cadets
with some kid

crawled under the fence
an climbed on a bin
window ajared
thats the way we got in

once we were in
didnt know what to do
searching the lockers
for things that looked new

then to the main office
for a good look
medals an badges
an chocolates i took

found somet great
a replica gun
this cant be a crime
was way to much fun

we were havin a laugh
a play an a joke
heard sirens outside
then a shout from a bloke

he shouted along
the lines of get out
now we were scared
and flapping about

we both went outside
my friend scaled the fence
he ran through some bushes
he left me he went

the police got me out
in the car i was put
my mom she got called
she quickly turned up

the police made an error
didnt lock up the door
i jumped out the car
up the road i did sore

was back on my feet
was gonna run far
till my mom screamed at me
get back in the car

bournville police station
is where i was took
11 years old
and acting a crook

but lucky for me
i didnt get charged
let of with a warning
an later discharged

but it didnt make me big
and it didnt make me clever
a stupid crime in my life
thats with me forever

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