Wednesday, 31 October 2012


by 15 i had seen
more than most
the average teen
stolen cars
carried knives
burglaries that ruined lives
had a gun held to my head
even saw my mother dead
weed an speed an other drugs
so much drink an people mugged
carried tools on street
so much anger not much sleep
till the day i met a girl
who saved me from
that dreadful world
took me home let me stay
made me who i am today
now were married settled down
gorgous kids that make me proud
i vow to keep them safe from harm
an let them lead a life thats calm


  1. I was very touched by your work and enjoyed reading your posts. I certainly look forward to reading more in the future! Though I don't have much up yet, stop by my page if you have time.

    Best of fortune and peace- Alice

  2. thank you :) i really like your blog, keep up the good work