Sunday, 24 March 2013

True Skin

I walk the streets
head held high
my boots will gleme
at passers by
my jeans are pressed
and worn with pride
braces in view
with every stride
a polo shirt
all buttoned up
a crombie coat
to fill the look
a shaven head
im looking sharp
shame that people
judge at the start
a racist thug
or misguided youth
if only people
new the truth
of what a skinhead
truly means
instead they look
to movie scenes
and place us all
in the midst
of nazi flags
and racial digs
and propoganda
fueled by hate
and far right groups
with different traits
so spend some time
an read a book
before you decide
to give that look
and think of how
it feels to me
linked to others
and when you've finally
found the truth
of real skins
you'll see the proof
that we dont live
for blood and hate
its ignorance
thats caused this debate

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