Tuesday, 18 December 2012


the pitter patter of tiny feet
as they scurry about
hiding under tables and behind seats
theres a monster in the mist
whos there to cause harm
lurking the corridors
with a weapon in his arms
these innocent children
no older than 10
are crying and scared
as teachers protect them
this monster has no compassion
as his mind crumbles and rots
20 children and 6 teachers
innocent lives that were lost
a once quiet place
has came crashing to earth
by a crime so horrendous
that no human deserves
sandy hook elementary
a place once filled with joy
of small happy children
there whole lives to enjoy
is now filled with sadness
and rooms full of tears
left by a monster
who out of know where appeared
so lets all share a moment
and pay our respects
to the lives that where taken
during these sad events


  1. I have no words, Carl. News is so often horrific inspiration. One day I may approach this subject matter that you have captured so well. Thank you for giving it a memorial by which to be remembered.