Tuesday, 30 October 2012


got jesus on my left hand an mary on my right
my skin is full of ink
marking chapters in my life
got demons on my back an carp on my chest
an skulls down my arm an pacman on my neck
got gremlins on my side an mermaids down my leg
my skin can tell the storys of the life inwhich ive led
not all my ink is good some evolved from hate
a copper hanging by his neck my arm is where its placed
an tatoos from the skinhead life that i used to lead
most of these are covered now
my minds been cleansed an freed
but still i battle everyday with people judging me
not on how i act or how i talk
cause the ink is all they see
but if i had the choose to take the ink away
the answer would be no cause its made me who i am today

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