Monday, 19 November 2012


ive soildered on through thick and thin
my life was once a mess
stupid things ive seen and done
just to try an impress
we only see the outer shell
the one that smiles and laughs
the inner side is hidden away
deep within the dark
ive dealt in drugs and drank alot
put myself on satans door
but not for love for so called friends
to accept me a little more
casued enough grief to make my mom
start turning in her grave
by mindless acts and ignornace
an how ive misbehaved
the games ive played the hurt ive caused
the missery ive bought to others
by hanging round with so called friends
my so called band of brothers
situations ive been apart
and looked the other way
i could of used my voice to help
but my friends i couldnt betray
but friends are not who you think they are
they can easily turn there backs
and leave you in a mental state
with laughter in there tracks
so have a friend or have a few
but careful where you tread
cause so called friends are hard to trust
even harder if your dead

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