Friday, 16 November 2012


that winding road that takes me there
is always hard to find
even though i know this place
my knowledge of it is denied
i try so hard to take that trip
but my memories always cloudy
i could write it down or draw a sketch
but my pain would make me doubt me
this place has become a part of me
that tugs at my heart and soul
it trys to pull me in through love
but still i fight its hold
i need to release this hurt within
by following its lead
but everytime i try to visit
my hearts torn open to bleed
it makes me sad it makes me cry
it makes me feel im wrong
but even thinking of the journey
makes the pain more intense an strong
so im left to suffer this inner hurt
by not doing what is right
its not my moms or the cemeterys fault
its just this pains so hard to fight

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