Tuesday, 20 November 2012


a world thats over run
by the walking living dead
waiting in the shadows
waiting to be fed
innocent passers by
wont hear them as the come
they'll dive at you
attack so fast
no chance for you to run
they'll tear apart your flesh
knawing at your bones
no one will ever hear your screams
above there moans and groans
they'll rip you limb from limb
as there fighting for your blood
apocolyptic zombie world
wouldnt beat them if you could
the armys given in
theres no point fighting back
the living dead are here to stay
and ready to attack
once your bit infection spreads
so fast straight to your brain
vital organs die so quick
you dont even feel the pain
now your body transforms
into a form beyond the grave
your minds been overtook
by the thoughts of flesh you crave
so now you are the hunter
searching for your prey
the walking living dead
are here for good to stay

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