Thursday, 15 November 2012


he wakes up every sunday
with a look of joy upon his face
even though its not the same
its still his favourite place
a fresh clean shave
his hair combed back
smart suit an polished shoes
theres just no holding back
weathers good outside
so he'd rather walk than take the bus
grabs some flowers on the way
cause he likes to make a fuss
15 minutes later he's standing at the door
a smile so big across his face
you would'nt think hes 84
once he's in he marches fast
to the dinner hall where she sits
he smiles at her she stares at him
which rips his heart to bits
but still he hides his pain
for the good of his true love
he sits with her an holds her hand
cause hes never given up
he talks to her he trys his best
but she has no idea who he is
alzheimers took his wife away
and all her memories
but still he comes here every week
to have dinner with his wife
even though she doesnt know him
she's still the love of his life

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