Tuesday, 13 November 2012


stop and start stop and start
its getting on my nerves
this stressfull situatuion
that no one ever deserves
sitting at a stand still
going no where fast
yet on the other side
the lights are zooming past
tonnes and tonnes of steel
all sitting in a row
forwards back left and right
theres no where i can go
i wonder what is up ahead
thats causing all this fuss
i wish i never took the car
i should have caught the bus
40 minutes standing still
getting to work on time is slim
stop and start stop and start
what the heck is happening
ive finally moved enough
to see whats causing these effects
an accident up ahead
and loads of rubber necks
by rubber necks i mean
the ones that stop and stare
as they pass the scene
now im on the move again
no need for pro plus meds
cause all that chaos
was simply caused
by people turning heads
so keep these words in mind
when your passing by a scene
keep that rubber neck inline
cause starings just plain mean

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